Navigating Traffic Stops in Rosarito

Understanding Your Rights and Responsibilities


For many expatriates in Rosarito, encountering a traffic stop can lead to confusion and concerns about whether they are experiencing a standard legal procedure or facing unjust demands. It’s crucial to understand both your rights and responsibilities under local traffic laws to navigate these situations confidently.

When Can a Police Officer Stop You? A police officer in Rosarito has the authority to stop you if you violate any traffic laws. This can include running a red light, stopping incompletely at stop signs, or driving in the wrong direction.

Required Documents. During a traffic stop, officers may request to see your driver’s license (a U.S. license is acceptable) and your vehicle registration. It’s important to note that transit police should not ask for residency documents, immigration forms, or proof of rent.

What Officers Should Not Do. Officers are not permitted to retain your identification or vehicle registration documents. You are not required to step out of your vehicle or undergo a search merely because you’ve violated a traffic law. Additionally, no officer should ask for or accept cash payments during a traffic stop.

Handling Fines and Towing. If your vehicle is towed due to parking violations or lack of a driver’s license, you should know where and how to pay any fines. Payments are processed through specific channels such as Rosarito City Hall or the local police station, and only by card when done directly with transit officers.

Avoiding Misunderstandings. If approached by an officer, remain calm and cooperative, and provide the requested documents. Ensure you understand the reason for the stop and any charges. If you suspect the demands are not standard procedure, politely ask to resolve the issue at the nearest police station or city hall.

Payment Methods and Extortion Warning. If an officer asks for a cash payment on the spot, this is not a standard procedure and could be considered an act of extortion. Legitimate fines should always be processed either through a digital transaction where a receipt is provided, or at an official payment location. Always ask for a receipt when paying any fines to ensure transparency.

Stay Informed. For any emergencies or further clarifications, expatriates can contact 911 or 661 612 0396 (9am to 3 pm). Knowing the local laws and the correct protocols can significantly reduce the risks of misunderstandings or being unfairly penalized.

Understanding these guidelines will help expatriates handle traffic stops appropriately, distinguishing between legitimate law enforcement and potential misuse of power.

Make a Difference for Animals in Need

Red Barn Rescue, based in San Diego, CA, and extending its help to Baja, Mexico, serves as a safe haven for animals that have faced abuse, neglect, or abandonment. More than just a rescue, this nonprofit educates the public on important issues like the benefits of spaying and neutering and the joys of adopting a rescue animal.

The organization invites you to support their mission by attending a special fundraising event on April 29, 2024, from 3 PM to 6 PM at Hacienda K43. For a $25 USD donation, guests will enjoy a mini buffet featuring pizza, pasta, and salad, and receive a complimentary margarita or sangria.

This fun-filled afternoon offers a chance to meet fellow animal lovers, enjoy delicious food, and contribute to a cause that transforms lives—one animal at a time. Funds raised will help Red Barn Rescue continue their work, partnering with approved local fosters to provide nurturing temporary homes until each animal finds their forever family.

To learn more about the event or how you can help, visit Red Barn Rescue. Your support can lead to a brighter future for these deserving animals. Join us on April 29th to make a lasting impact in your community!

Four Trucks Pulled from the Sands of Rosarito

In an unusual scene last weekend on the beaches of Rosarito, Baja California, authorities were called to rescue four stranded vehicles. Two of these vehicles, found partially submerged in the sea, attracted considerable attention from onlookers and required several hours of effort to be safely removed. The operation took place near the Mar y Sol condos, close to the Baja California Convention Center.

The vehicles involved included older models of Ford and Chevrolet trucks, one of which was notably stuck about 50 meters into the sea. Local police coordinated the rescue efforts, which included the use of contracted tow trucks to haul the vehicles out of their precarious positions. The trucks were described as two Ford pickups, one red and one grey, both from the early 2000s, a white Ford F-50 from 2000, and a brown Chevrolet Silverado from 1998.

The incident, while certainly unexpected, ended without any reported injuries, but it did leave many wondering how the vehicles ended up there in the first place. As of the latest updates, there was no clear information on whether the vehicles had been abandoned or if they had been driven onto the beach for some reason that led to them being caught by the tide. Additionally, it wasn’t immediately clear if the vehicles had been claimed by their owners or if any charges would be pressed related to the incident​.

Do you know how this vehicles ended up there? Comment below or on our facebook page.

SOURCES: El Imparcial, AFN Tijuana, Debate

The Sweet Sound of “Two for One!”

Kraken is the place!


There is nothing that perks up the ears of local residents faster than the call Two for One drinks!

Kraken knows how to get attention and bring people in to fill the empty seat that appear in off season along the Baja Coast. Summer is approaching soon and we can expect the tourist to pack all the eateries having an ocean view. 

Monday through Thursday 12:00 to 5:00 you can order your two for one margaritas and/or the house cervezas along with the special menu each day starting with Monday pizza, Taco Tuesday 2 for 1, Wednesday 40% off sushi rolls and Thursday good ol’ home cooked fried chicken. The friendly staff is just one of the outstanding features of this hidden gem. We do love the murals of old sailing ships being attacked by the infamous Kraken and the giant fish gliding along one wall. If you want to have the experience of the “old” Baja fishcamps this is the place as there are very few remaining. 

The menu is a wonderful variation of hearty steaks, Pesto pasta and shrimp, sushi and gourmet tacos that with rock your ship! Add to this an array of libation that will sooth the hearty sailor. Make it a point to visit Monday through Thursday for the specials, or come on the weekends and sit out side with a view of the wild seascape. This is one of a kind.


Free Road Km 52 at Playa El Campito

Crossing South Wine & Food Festival – Segunda Edicion


Directly from last year’s “resounding success,” the Crossing South Wine and Food Festival will again adorn the Gardens of the Rosarito Beach Hotel, Saturday, April 20, 3 – 9 pm. Crossing South claims there was an “overwhelming” demand for a second Festival. Jorge Meraz, host of Crossing South on PBS will again be the Host of Honor this year. There will be many photo ops around the festival, so feel free to take some snaps of your favorite chefs, vintners, and the host Jorge, himself. 

Due to this success, the number of restaurants, wineries and entertainers were expanded. Thirteen wineries of the Valle de Guadalupe will join with 25 restaurants and three craft breweries from Tijuana, Rosarito, Ensenada, and points in between. Restaurants will provide tastes of their signature dishes. Now I know you may have a different “signature dish” in your minds, but this will be a chance to sample other great menu items from your favorite bistros. All this while being entertained by many talented musicians and entertainers. There may even be a salsa dancing class, or two.

This year’s Crossing South event promises to be more spectacular. One new touch, to celebrate spring, the Crossing South Wine and Food Fest will be a White Attire Event. (I hope I can still wear my blue Crossing South hat!)

Some of the local restaurants include Marea Alta, Pasta y Basta, Chaubert’s (Rosarito Beach Hotel’s fine dining establishment), Tacos Kokopelli, ad Hacienda de Badu, a favorite of roasted lamb lovers. 

Crossing South on PBS is in its 12th season. New episodes featuring arts, artists, culture, and food, from fine dining to the best in taco stands, will be airing starting this month. If you are unable to catch the episodes as they air on PBS, many episodes are available at the PBS website. Some past shows have highlighted the Blues Against Hunger drive and the Rosarito Club de Ninos y Ninas. 

PBS joins COTUCO and CANIRAC of Rosarito, the ministry of tourism, and the Chamber of Restaurants as co-hosts of this gastronomic event. 

Tickets are available at www.Eventbrite.com, under “events in Mexico.” General admission to this “all you can eat/sip event”: $80; VIP admission $150, or $72 and $145.90 respectively with the 10% discount. Last year this event sold out, so get your tickets pronto. Your attendance doesn’t merely delight your taste buds, but you will be supporting the emergent culinary scene in northern Baja California. 

Crossing South is a “Feel good” show to entice those in the southern US to visit our beautiful Baja, and to remind those of us living here, Tijuana to Ensenada, what a culinary paradise we are living in.

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Kids With Autism Receive Wave Therapy in Rosarito

Wave lovers unite! Kids from the Fundación Autismo Esedin in Mexicali got to ride the waves, thanks to the free “Olas para todos” (Waves for All) program offered by the Locales Surf School.

Here’s the fun part: this wasn’t just any trip to the beach. The kiddos and their families were chauffeured free of charge, all thanks to the “Corazones Viajeros” (Traveling Hearts) initiative. The heart behind this? The Tourism Department of Baja California! They’ve kickstarted this Social Tourism Program to sprinkle some magic and offer enriching experiences for locals. The big goal? Free and accessible tours showcasing the splendid tourist spots of the state.

Just like the previous year, these little surfers-in-the-making received guidance from the top pros of the sport. The Escuela de Surf Locales has been diving into this for a whopping nine years, striving to give these children an unparalleled sea experience.

Our main man, Juan Carlos Luna, who heads the “Olas para todos” program stated that the surf therapies started rolling in April and are set to make a splash till October. October is particularly exciting as they’ve got back-to-back sessions planned in Rosarito and Ventura, California.

Here’s a heartwarming tidbit: these therapies are a Godsend for families with children diagnosed with Down Syndrome or other conditions. The number of beneficiaries has been on a steady rise. To give you an idea, a digital count over the last three years recorded about 800 enthusiastic participants, including beneficiary children and volunteers. As Juan puts it, “The numbers keep growing because parents spread the word, and pictures from the sessions shared on social media only adds to the buzz.”

Juan adds that the therapies are held at beaches where the waves are gentle. But they don’t leave it to chance. Dedicated teams monitor the currents and waves, predicting the wave conditions a cool 16 days in advance.

Safety first! The therapy zones are pristine, free from pollution. The water quality? Top-notch. There have been zero reported cases of allergic reactions or other ailments.

In closing, a massive shoutout to the volunteers who ride this wave of goodness. These are not just experienced surfers but also young enthusiasts chipping in to the program.

Baja Beach Fest 2023 Brings 30,000 Tourists to Rosarito

UPDATE: Although the official statement from our local authorities said that “not even a wallet was reported stolen” we have now received reports of cell phones, jewelry and even drugs being stolen at the event. When we asked a victim if they had filed police reports she said: “we were on a tight partying schedule, we were not going to lose a day filing a report over a stolen cell phone!”

This past weekend, Baja California hosted one of its most significant events: the Baja Beach Fest. With an influx of 30,000 tourists, ensuring safety was a top priority, resulting in no incidents or mishaps.

Marina del Pilar Ávila, the Governor of Baja California, expressed her gratitude to the local and federal institutions for their unwavering support during the festival. She emphasized the importance of continued collaboration in ensuring such events remain incident-free.

Leopoldo Tizoc, the Secretary of Public Safety in Baja California, highlighted the teamwork between multiple entities: the National Defense Department (SEDENA), National Guard (GN), Municipal Police, and the State’s Public Safety Department (SSCBC). He noted that their success was due to the implementation of three core security layers: internal, perimeter, and external. Thanks to these efforts, there wasn’t even a single reported loss of a wallet, attesting to the orderly conduct of attendees.

Tizoc detailed the deployment of 600 SSCBC personnel, inclusion of the entire ‘Violet Squadron’, 120 National Guard members, and 200 soldiers. He reaffirmed the commitment to maintaining security across all regions of Baja California, regardless of the nature of the operation.

Former Director of CESPT Discusses Water Issues with Pro-Municipality Committee

The Pro-Municipality Committee of Rosarito, Baja California recently invited Enrique Ruelas, former director of the State Public Service Commission of Tijuana (CESPT), to discuss water issues affecting the region.

During the meeting, Ruelas spoke about the challenges faced by the CESPT, particularly with regard to the distribution of water to different parts of the state. He also discussed the need for better infrastructure and more efficient water management systems in order to ensure that all residents have access to clean and reliable water.

Ruelas emphasized the importance of collaboration between different government agencies and civil society groups in addressing water-related issues. He also noted that the issue of water scarcity is not unique to Baja California, but is a global challenge that requires innovative solutions and a commitment to sustainability.

The Pro-Municipality Committee is a grassroots organization that advocates for the creation of a new municipality in Rosarito. The group argues that creating a new municipality would allow for more efficient and effective governance, and would help to address long-standing issues related to public services, infrastructure, and economic development.

The discussion with Ruelas is part of the group’s ongoing efforts to engage with experts and stakeholders on issues of importance to the community. Through these conversations, the Pro-Municipality Committee hopes to build support for its campaign and to work towards a more prosperous and sustainable future for Rosarito and its residents.

The meeting was seen as a positive step forward in addressing water-related issues in the region, and in promoting greater collaboration and cooperation between different actors in the community.

SOURCE: Ecos de Rosarito by Juan Pablo Sebastián

Santini Gallery Presents the Most Recent Work of Juan Angel Castillo

Giorgio Santini Gallery presents the most recent work of Master Juan Angel Castillo in an exposition titled “Quijote’s Panoply” which will take place on October, Friday 22 and Saturday 23 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. In this exposition a series of 21 works recently created by the artist.

Juan Angel Castillo is one of the most important and influential painters from Baja California, unique in his genre, that has won national and international recognition. His works can be found within important public and private collections.

Owner of a masterful technique acquired along more than 50 years of tireless and perseverant creativity, Castillo portrays 21 Quijotes that will be presented in the “Quijote’s Panoply” exhibit, which will be an impressive sample of his talent.

This free admission event, will be a unique opportunity to socialize with the artist and his work in the premises of the Giorgio Santini Gallery where the work of the best artists in Baja California is presented in a dignified and careful way.

The Giorgio Santini Gallery is located on Km 40 of the Rosarito – Ensenada free road, in the Santini Plaza. Call or WhatsApp (661) 126 5988 or email giorgiosantinigallery@gmail.com for more information.

Bomberos Need Your Help

Baja is deep into its annual fire season, and as in every year in recent history, brave firefighters are in need of help from the public. The first major fundraising event of the year, Valle en la Playa, was held in the gardens of Castillos del Mar Hotel and Resort in September, with all funds going to help Rosarito’s firefighters through the Pro Firefighters Board. This was a “must-attend” meeting, even with respect to Covid-19 social distancing. Thanks to event organizer Martha Dominguez for granting me last-minute press coverage as a representative of this periodical.

Valle en la Playa 2020 was held with COVID safety elements firmly in place: tables, widely spaced, had seating reduced from 10 or 12 guests per table in past events to six; servers and guests were temperature-tested and hand-sanitized prior to entry, and masks were worn by all when not seated at tables.

Valle de Guadalupe wineries in attendance were La Cetto, Al Ximia, Corona del Valle, Santo Tomas, and Vinos de Casa Emiliana, aka “VE.” The Rosarito Tourism Board was also set up to announce that Rosarito is still open for visitors from the North as well as other Mexican cities. “We want to create a different impression of Rosarito,” declared Paul Corona, Emcee of the event. “We are more than Papas and Beer.”

Small monthly events, to be held at different venues, are planned to continue to raise money for the Rosarito Fire Department. Three-course meals, following pandemic safety protocols, will be held at various Rosarito establishments, with proceeds going to local firefighters.

Proceeds from the evening’s tickets were donated to the Pro Fire Fighters Board towards the purchase of a special drone with a thermal camera to allow firefighters to view and better plan their firefighting efforts before entering dangerous areas.

Rosarito proper is not the only area needing to help their Bomberos. La Mision firefighters, who serve areas such as Santa Anita and Alisito, are community volunteers that spend much of their own money on uniforms, firefighting equipment and gasoline. Fire boots have been set up as collection jars at Del Valle Café, Shorty’s vet shop (across from Magana’s), Splash, and Kraken, to gather funds to go toward gasoline and other necessities. Please throw a handful of pesos in them when you visit. The firefighters will be there for you when the need arises.

Currently the firefighters of La Mision are renting space in a nearby building, but a new fire station is being designed by students at the University of Ensenada as a permanent installation. Future plans include training by certified trainers in Baja. These newly trained firefighters will return and train others.

The La Mision Rotary is very active in helping out the firefighters in the extreme southern area of Rosarito, and the “doorway” to the Valle de Guadalupe. Of number one importance is money for gasoline for the fire engines, trucks and support vehicles. Also needed are four Scott air tanks with straps, Indian (or like-brand) collapsible backpack sprayers, as much of the firefighting is “gorilla” style. Also needed are firefighter gloves, suspenders, and boots of varying sizes.

Several Rotarians have contacts that can help with the purchases, so cash donations are of utmost importance. If you have contacts that could help firefighters, please contact Sunny Crowley at sunima8@mac.com. The official Bomberos Facebook page is www.facebook.com/groups/507783403257151.

We can all help our local firefighters when called upon through social media to purchase cases of water, or help make sandwiches to be delivered to firefighters on the line.

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