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Tinted Car Windows and Public Drinking Get the Green Light in Rosarito!

Good news for all drivers in Rosarito! The local government just rolled out a new set of rules that are about to make life a bit easier for those of you sporting tinted windows. Starting now, you can cruise around with your windows tinted without sweating over fines or being pulled over, as long as your tints aren’t too dark. Think California-style rules, and you’re on the right track.

But that’s not all—Rosarito is also introducing a more laid-back vibe in its tourist zone. You can now sip your favorite drink openly in designated streets and even on public transport within this area, no hassle. This move aims to keep the festive spirit alive and kicking, without the nagging interruptions for enjoying a drink.

The move aims to avoid unnecessary fines by the local police, which only amount to extra opportunities for extorting our precious tourists.

Whether it’s keeping cool behind your tinted windows or enjoying a casual drink in the breeze as you stroll through the tourist spots, Rosarito’s new regulations are here to improve your day-to-day. Just remember to check out the specific streets listed as part of the tolerance zone, and you’re all set to go!

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