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How to identify a real $500 pesos bill

The controversial Benito Juarez $500 pesos bill that was launched last August 27, and looks a lot like the $20 bill, has been, reportedly, been already forged by criminals.

In social media, several persons have stated that they have been victims of this criminals, especially since people haven’t had time to familiarize with its security features.

Don’t be one of these victims and get to know the new bill. The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) has listed its security features so you can identify a fake if you need to:


1. Multicolor denomination.

In the front part of the bill, over the top-right corner you will find the 500 denomination, this has to shimmer with light and slightly change color from green to blue with the reflection of light.


2. Dynamic thread.

The real one should have a vertical thread on the left part of the front, the elements inside this thread should move as you move the bill.


3. Watermark

Next to the face of Benito Juarez on the front of the bill, you should find a smaller watermark with the same face and the number 500.


4. Embossed Texts

Most texts on the front of the bill are embossed and you can feel them easily when touching it.


5. Fluorescent Inks

On the back of the bill, some inks will glow when the bill is placed under a black light.


Here is the official video from Banxico, it’s only available in Spanish but you will probably get most of it as the voice is just saying what you just read here:

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