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San Diego Zoo Experts Support Ecotourism Park in Ensenada

A team of experts from the San Diego Zoo, including veterinarians and biologists, recently visited the PaiPai Ecotourism Park in Ensenada to share their knowledge and implement improvements in animal care. Edgar Pérez Ortiz, the park’s director, highlighted that this collaboration aimed to enhance animal welfare through an exchange of expertise and experience.

The team consisted of 22 specialists from U.S. zoos, with 16 from the San Diego Zoo and 4 biologists from UABC. Together, they worked to apply innovative practices in animal care, emphasizing the importance of cooperation between conservation institutions.

At PaiPai’s farm, over 50 rescued animals, including goats, pigs, rabbits, ducks, roosters, and hens, received attention. The lion habitat saw significant improvements with new substrates and climbing areas, promoting natural behaviors.

The visit included various activities focused on environmental enrichment and animal health. Experts shared advanced techniques for managing and maintaining suitable habitats for the park’s diverse species.

“PaiPai is home to around 600 animals, including lions, tigers, jaguars, primates, birds, reptiles, small mammals, farm animals, and birds of prey like the Virginian Owl,” said Pérez Ortiz. The staff includes 28 zookeepers and 3 veterinarians.

In the stables, horses, ponies, donkeys, llamas, and some goats received hoof trimming and habitat enhancements. Water and air quality analyses were conducted to ensure a more comfortable environment.

Pérez Ortiz stated that the collaboration helped identify areas for improvement and develop long-term strategies benefiting both animals and the environment. “The San Diego Zoo’s expertise was invaluable in elevating care standards at PaiPai Ecotourism Park,” he affirmed.

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