Little Shop of Horrors’ Returns to La Mision with a Polished Encore Performance!


Great news for all of you who love a mix of dark comedy and thrilling musical numbers—La Misión Performing Arts Center (LMPAC) is bringing back “Little Shop of Horrors” for an encore performance! If you missed out last time because of the shutdown from Hurricane Hilary, here’s your chance to catch this cult classic.

The story is all about Seymour, a shy flower shop assistant who stumbles upon a peculiar plant during a solar eclipse. Naming it Audrey II after his crush, he soon finds out this plant has a bizarre diet—it thrives on human blood. As Audrey II grows, so does the shop’s fame, but at a chilling cost. This show promises a roller-coaster ride that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat!

This isn’t just another run of the show. We’ve polished and fine-tuned everything. As a New England native, directing this slice of Skid Row—a throwback to an old New York vibe—has been a blast. It’s been like revisiting the streets I remember, complete with authentic accents and attitudes. The challenges of revisiting a well-known show like this are many, but our dedicated and super talented cast turns these challenges into fun.

I’m grateful for the chance to put on the director’s hat once again for this encore performance. We’ve dug deeper into the characters, spruced up the costumes, and tightened our choreography. And yes, managing four different puppets hasn’t been easy, but it’s definitely upped our game.

Our crew and cast have been tirelessly fine-tuning their performances, and now we’re ready for you to see the results. Whether it’s your first time or you’re back for more, your support means the world to us.

Don’t forget to use the promo code ‘GAZETTE’ to snag $5 off your ticket. Grab your seats, sit back, and get ready for a wildly entertaining show that’s sure to be a highlight of your year!

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See you at the theater!

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