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Ensenada Navy Conducts Medical Evacuation from Cruise Ship

The Mexican Navy, operating through its Coast Guard duties, successfully carried out a medical evacuation in recent days. This operation was executed by personnel from the Naval Station for Search, Rescue, and Maritime Surveillance (ENSAR) in Ensenada, which is part of the Second Naval Region.

The rescue mission commenced following a report to the Navy Command Control Center about a 70-year-old foreign national exhibiting symptoms of a myocardial infarction aboard a cruise ship south of Ensenada, B.C.

To ensure the safety and well-being of the individual, the Navy dispatched a MLB-type vessel equipped with Naval Health personnel to securely transport the patient to the naval facilities. Upon arrival at a safe port, the individual was transferred to an ambulance and subsequently taken to a local hospital for specialized medical care.

The Second Naval Region reminds the public that in maritime emergencies, they can contact their hotline at (646)-177-38-30. Additionally, the Secretary of the Navy provides a contact number: 800 MARINA (800-627-46-21) for further assistance.

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