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Four Trucks Pulled from the Sands of Rosarito

In an unusual scene last weekend on the beaches of Rosarito, Baja California, authorities were called to rescue four stranded vehicles. Two of these vehicles, found partially submerged in the sea, attracted considerable attention from onlookers and required several hours of effort to be safely removed. The operation took place near the Mar y Sol condos, close to the Baja California Convention Center.

The vehicles involved included older models of Ford and Chevrolet trucks, one of which was notably stuck about 50 meters into the sea. Local police coordinated the rescue efforts, which included the use of contracted tow trucks to haul the vehicles out of their precarious positions. The trucks were described as two Ford pickups, one red and one grey, both from the early 2000s, a white Ford F-50 from 2000, and a brown Chevrolet Silverado from 1998.

The incident, while certainly unexpected, ended without any reported injuries, but it did leave many wondering how the vehicles ended up there in the first place. As of the latest updates, there was no clear information on whether the vehicles had been abandoned or if they had been driven onto the beach for some reason that led to them being caught by the tide. Additionally, it wasn’t immediately clear if the vehicles had been claimed by their owners or if any charges would be pressed related to the incident​.

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SOURCES: El Imparcial, AFN Tijuana, Debate

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