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Baja Beach Fest 2023 Brings 30,000 Tourists to Rosarito

UPDATE: Although the official statement from our local authorities said that “not even a wallet was reported stolen” we have now received reports of cell phones, jewelry and even drugs being stolen at the event. When we asked a victim if they had filed police reports she said: “we were on a tight partying schedule, we were not going to lose a day filing a report over a stolen cell phone!”

This past weekend, Baja California hosted one of its most significant events: the Baja Beach Fest. With an influx of 30,000 tourists, ensuring safety was a top priority, resulting in no incidents or mishaps.

Marina del Pilar Ávila, the Governor of Baja California, expressed her gratitude to the local and federal institutions for their unwavering support during the festival. She emphasized the importance of continued collaboration in ensuring such events remain incident-free.

Leopoldo Tizoc, the Secretary of Public Safety in Baja California, highlighted the teamwork between multiple entities: the National Defense Department (SEDENA), National Guard (GN), Municipal Police, and the State’s Public Safety Department (SSCBC). He noted that their success was due to the implementation of three core security layers: internal, perimeter, and external. Thanks to these efforts, there wasn’t even a single reported loss of a wallet, attesting to the orderly conduct of attendees.

Tizoc detailed the deployment of 600 SSCBC personnel, inclusion of the entire ‘Violet Squadron’, 120 National Guard members, and 200 soldiers. He reaffirmed the commitment to maintaining security across all regions of Baja California, regardless of the nature of the operation.

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