15 Marine Mammals Found Dead on Ensenada Beaches

In recent weeks, Ensenada has witnessed an alarming phenomenon: the deaths of 15 marine mammals along its shores. These incidents have stirred local authorities and organizations into action, trying to pinpoint the cause of these tragic losses.

The deceased animals, ranging from seals to larger species, have been reported by concerned citizens and are currently under investigation by several environmental and marine biology experts from the Zona Federal Marítimo Terrestre (Zofemat), Profepa, and the civil association Investigación y Conservación de Mamíferos Marinos de Ensenada (Icmme). Alfredo Benjamín Figueroa Rodríguez, operational coordinator at Zofemat, highlighted that despite their efforts, the specific causes of death remain undetermined pending scientific analysis.

The situation poses significant concerns about the marine ecosystem’s health and prompts questions about possible environmental or human factors contributing to these incidents. The community is urged to report any unusual sightings of marine life, whether dead or alive, to ensure a rapid response and minimize potential health risks from handling these animals.

This spike in marine mammal deaths has put a spotlight on the broader implications for biodiversity and environmental stewardship in the region.

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