Baja California Ranks Third in Average Monthly Household Income Nationally

EDITOR NOTE: The dollar (USD) amounts in this article where converted from the pesos amount mentioned in the article at an exchange rate of 16.80 pesos per dollar.

Baja California has risen to the third spot among Mexican states with the highest average monthly household income. It now boasts an income of 29,637.41 pesos (1,764 USD), according to analysts from the Metropolitan Center for Economic and Business Information (Cemdi).

Aram Hodoyán Navarro, the head of Cemdi, referred to data from the 2022 National Household Income and Expenditure Survey (Enigh) conducted by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi). He pointed out that the regions with the highest average monthly income are Baja California Sur and Mexico City, earning 30,472.37 and 29,770.09 pesos respectively (1,814 and 1,772 USD). The amount in Baja California of 29,637.41 pesos (1,764 USD) is significantly higher than the national average of 21,231.82 pesos (1,264 USD).

In contrast, Navarro compared, the states with the lowest monthly average household income as per this survey are Chiapas and Guerrero, earning 13,281.61 and 13,918.02 pesos, respectively (791 and 832 USD). In the context of Baja California, an average household typically comprises three members. The household head is generally 49 years old, and the other two members may also be employed. “Households in Baja California reported an average monthly income of 29,637.41 pesos (1,764 USD), a 15.0 percent increase compared to the 2020 Enigh results,” he detailed.

Navarro further noted that the primary source of income for these households is salaries from subordinate jobs, which account for 72.88 percent or about 21,598.47 pesos (1,286 USD). Transfers make up 10.93 percent of the income, with half of this being from retirements and pensions.

When discussing average monthly household expenses, Navarro indicated that the national average stands at 13,321.60 pesos (680 USD). The states with the highest expenses were Mexico City and Baja California, spending 19,632.54 and 16,771.14 pesos respectively (1,169 and 998 USD). In contrast, Chiapas and Oaxaca had the lowest expenses, at 8,647.63 and 8,865.80 pesos respectively (515 and 528 USD).

Furthermore, Navarro mentioned that the state saw a 19.1 percent increase in the average monthly household expenditure compared to the figures from the 2020 Enigh. Of these expenses, the primary spending category was food, beverages, and tobacco, making up 32.09 percent. This was followed by transportation, acquisition, maintenance, accessories, and services for vehicles, and communications which took up 23.76 percent.

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