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Set Sail or Fail: Guadalupe Island Regatta’s Wavy Third Edition!

Exciting news for sailing enthusiasts and adventure lovers! The third edition of the Guadalupe Island to Ensenada Regatta is set to sail on May 18th. This isn’t just any race; it’s a challenging offshore journey that stretches over 400 nautical miles and lasts between five to six days, depending on the weather.

Carlos Hussong González, a member of the Todos Santos Ocean Racing Club and a promoter of this maritime competition, shared that this year, they’re expecting around three sailboats to participate. He mentioned that this race is catching the eyes of international sailors each year, helping to solidify its status as a top-tier offshore sailing event. Offshore races, unlike coastal sailing where boats stay close to land, involve greater risks and demand intense technical skill and effort from the crew, making them a major draw in other parts of the world, both as a sport and a tourist attraction.

This edition of the race has the backing of the Mexican Sailing Federation and will feature international judges, which just adds to its prestige. Hussong González also highlighted the potential for local tourism, noting the huge sailing community in California, with over fifty thousand sailboats, suggesting a promising market for sailing events in Mexico.

The race starts and finishes in the city of Ensenada and promises to be an exhilarating challenge for everyone involved. So, if you’re into sailing or just love the thrill of a good race, this event might just be what you’re looking for!

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