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Campaign Kickoff in Baja California: A Guide to the 2023-2024 Local Elections

As Baja California enters its official campaign period for the 2023-2024 local elections, political activity is picking up across the region. From now until May 29, candidates will compete for various positions within the state’s seven municipal governments—including mayors and city councils—as well as 25 seats in the State Congress. This election cycle, managed by the State Electoral Institute of Baja California (IEEBC), will determine 122 new local officials, such as council members, legal trustees, mayors, and local deputies.

This election is historic for San Quintín and San Felipe, which will choose their mayors via the ballot box for the first time. These elections are simultaneous with the Federal Electoral Process, where Mexicans will vote for federal lawmakers and the President.

Participants in this year’s election include nine political parties, a coalition, and an independent candidate aiming for the mayoral seat in San Quintín. Local dynamics are interesting, with some parties forming a coalition for select municipalities and others choosing to go solo after planned alliances dissolved.

The campaigns also emphasize gender parity, with regulations requiring parties to nominate a balanced lineup of male and female candidates for mayor across various competitive blocks. This measure aims to foster a more inclusive political environment.

New logistical features such as candidate photos on local ballots will debut, enhancing voter familiarity and engagement. Another significant update is the inclusion of specific mandates for parties to present candidates from underrepresented groups, including indigenous, Afro-Mexican communities, and LGBT+ individuals, promoting diversity in representation.

With the stage set for a dynamic election, the residents of Baja California are ready to influence the future of their local governance, making informed choices that will shape the region’s socio-political landscape in significant ways.

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