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Celebrating Baja’s Marine Delights and New Wines


In the scenic coastal city of Ensenada, the anticipation is palpable as the Provino Committee of Baja California, under the fresh leadership of Engineer Wenceslao Martínez Payán, has unveiled the eagerly awaited details of the 24th Festival of the Shell and New Wine. Set against the backdrop of the enchanting Hotel Coral & Marina, the announcement, made on March 14th, promises a vibrant tribute to local ingredients perfectly paired with the region’s latest vintages.

This annual celebration, born from a simple gathering on San Miguel beach among friends—six winemakers, four shellfish producers, and two chefs—has flourished over 24 years into a grand platform showcasing the splendor of Baja California. It unites the viticultural, aquacultural, and gastronomic sectors, creating a sense of community centered around the region’s oysters and newly released wines.

The festival, taking place from April 12th to 14th, has lined up an array of activities designed to delight and educate attendees. Highlights include the 15th Shellfish Cultivation Workshops and, for the first time, a Startups Contest from April 8th to 12th. This competition invites innovative business ideas within the oyster and wine sectors, particularly focusing on enotourism, food, and economics, with the best projects presented on April 12th.

The festival also features the fourth installment of “Marine Tables,” an exquisite enogastronomic experience where guests are treated to a four-course pairing menu by the sea, showcasing a variety of shellfish accompanied by the region’s finest wines. A team of three pastry chefs will prepare 330 desserts for this unique dining adventure, highlighting the collaboration and creativity that define the festival.

The main event on April 14th, the XXIV Festival, will be held at the Hotel Coral & Marina’s Terrace del Mar, featuring over 84 wineries and 60 restaurants from across Baja California and beyond. Attendees can expect a splendid array of seafood dishes and over 160 wine labels, emphasizing whites, rosés, and sparkling wines, along with some young reds that complement marine flavors.

In addition to tasting opportunities, the festival emphasizes educational experiences, including a pavilion dedicated to aquaculture and fishing, where around 20 companies will showcase their products and engage with the public about the importance of sustainable seafood consumption. As Provino’s President, Wenceslao Martínez, aptly put it, this joint effort not only highlights the region’s bounty but also cements its status as a leading enogastronomic destination. Attendees are invited to become ambassadors of local ingredients, embracing the richness of Ensenada’s maritime and viticultural heritage.

Tickets for the Festival of the Shell and New Wine are $1,200 pesos, the marine tables  experience is $3,500 pesos, for more details and information, visit Provino’s official website provinobc.mx

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