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The “outside edge” samples some of the outside activities available in northern Baja.  Each month a different activity will be reviewed with a focus on the ocean and mountains.  Reach me at davek@plasticclothing.com happy trails!

To travel or not to travel, that is the question.  Travel brings a sense of renewal, of energy, of change.  A good trip made of meeting new people, seeing new things, doing new activities- it all adds up to coming home with a charged up battery and a slightly changed perception of yourself and the world.  No one will argue these points, so why aren’t you coming to Mexico more often?

This newspaper targets northern Baja tourists and gringo locals.  Most of the locals agree with what I am going to say, so I’ll aim these points to the tourists and hope the locals can use it to send to their friends and family that have chosen not to visit Mexico in the last few years.  There is some bad news for sure out there- and the headlines sometimes sound even worse.  I have friends in San Diego actually think the Hondurans are attacking the border!

The issue is that these things happen in parts of Mexico, or parts in Tijuana.  Bad things happen all over the world, some of the worst in U.S cities; they just don’t make the news.  Everyone has heard a story about getting pulled over or even put in jail in Mexico.  If you dig deeper, those people were inevitably carrying small amounts of drugs, driving drunk, and/or drawing undue attention to themselves.  Don’t take my word for it, ask those questions next time you hear a story.  The last time I heard a bad story from a guy, it turned out he was looking for drugs in Cabo and had red mohawk at the time.  Go figure.

The border has improved and the line isn’t as long as it used to be.  The restaurants have the same great food and atmosphere as always, at half the price of San Diego.  There are a lot of checkpoints and security around, and most people speak English.  Start with lots of great mountain biking and surfing, throw in some of the best motocross and fishing in the world, mix in some great inexpensive and amazing wine tasting and affordable resorts and hotels… you get the picture.  Want to get more ‘out there’?  My article usually deals with day trips that are all about ‘out there’, start coming more often and pick up some good trip advice in future articles.  Baja is not even close to the population density as north of the border- ‘out there’ is as close as your hotel door!

Hope to see you on the trail!

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