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Puerto Nuevo Restaurateurs Unite Against New Calimax

The surprising construction of a new Calimax supermarket in Puerto Nuevo has left restaurant owners in Puerto Nuevo worried about the gastronomic calling of the area.

They say that the new store goes against the history and gastronomic development of Puerto Nuevo and will just exacerbate the ongoing parking problem.

Until this moment, there has been no official statement from Calimax saying that they are building the store and although Aldo Lopez, head of Urban Control for Rosarito, has stated that there will be a supermarket there, he hasn’t gone all the way to say it’s going to be a Calimax and he has even said that there is currently no land use permit given yet.

Lobster town restaurateurs said that they will fight the company legally in order to stop construction of the store with help of their recently created “Technical Committee for Puerto Nuevo”.

“We are not opposing the economic development of Puerto Nuevo, we just want them to do it in another area, because it’s going to change the essence of the historic and gastronomic center of Puerto Nuevo” stated Rosa Marias Plascencia, owner of a restaurant in the area.

With information from Juan Pablo Sebastián | Ecos de Rosarito


  1. Great for the grocery store … sad for the location. It could not be a worse location if they tried.
    It will take away from so much of the #lobstervillage charm of Puerto Nuevo.
    Why not Primo Tapia which is in full redevelopment, only a couple of miles further?

  2. I think it will be GREAT for the area….that land was vacant and run down…it will bring more people to the area..can stop and have lunch before or after they grocery shop! My clients will love it too!!

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