New International Flight Connects Tijuana and Las Vegas

Heads up, travelers! Starting October 29, you can hop on a direct flight from Tijuana to Las Vegas, thanks to Volaris. This new route is not just about hitting the jackpot or seeing dazzling shows; it’s about connecting cultures and boosting tourism between these vibrant cities.

Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda and Miguel Aguiñiga Rodríguez, Baja California’s Tourism Secretary, are thrilled about this development. They believe it underscores the region’s growing connectivity, making it easier for more folks to explore the hidden gems of Baja California and enjoy its rich offerings.

Ticket sales kicked off this June, so you can already start planning that Vegas vacation or a business trip. And it’s not just about convenience. This flight is a bridge between communities, fostering stronger economic and cultural ties. Nevada ranks as the third-largest source of tourists to Baja California, right after California and Arizona, which means there’s already a keen interest in travel between these spots.

Volaris is equally excited about this new venture, aiming to diversify its travel destinations and strengthen its presence in key markets. This new route is a big win for everyone involved – from everyday travelers looking to expand their horizons to businesses eyeing new opportunities.

Whether you’re in Tijuana looking to experience the thrills of Las Vegas or a Nevadan curious about Baja’s attractions, this new flight is your ticket to new adventures. Check out Volaris’s website for more details on flight schedules and bookings, and get ready to take off on a new international journey.

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