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Rosarito Steps Up: A Commitment to Protecting Youth in Tourism

In a significant move towards safeguarding children and adolescents, the administration of Playas de Rosarito has officially joined the fight against exploitation and abuse in the travel and tourism sector. This commitment was formalized through the signing of the National Code of Conduct Declaration for Protection in the Tourism Sector.

The mayor of Playas de Rosarito stressed the municipality’s dedication to implementing the six actions outlined by the declaration. These include enforcing the national conduct code guidelines, training public officials, fostering a culture of reporting abuses, promoting responsible and ethical tourism practices, and calling for proactive engagement from all stakeholders.

The signing of the declaration marks only the beginning of what promises to be a comprehensive journey toward change. The mayor emphasized that signing the declaration isn’t enough; it must be followed by tangible actions that transform how the tourism sector operates. She highlighted the necessity of turning these commitments into concrete steps that genuinely protect the youth involved in or affected by the tourism industry.

The mayor made a direct appeal to everyone in the tourism industry—hotel operators, travel agencies, tour guides, host communities, and government authorities. She urged them to unite in this critical cause to forge a tourism sector that is not only more responsible and ethical but also actively safeguards children’s rights.

Expressing her vision for the future, the mayor shared her ambition for Playas de Rosarito to become a national leader in protecting children’s rights within the tourism industry. She pledged relentless effort towards achieving this goal, signaling a proactive and protective stance that sets a new standard for tourism operations.

The event was well-attended, with representatives from the State DIF (System for the Integral Development of the Family), the Secretary of Tourism, and various tourism organizations from across Baja California, underscoring the broad support for this initiative. This collective presence highlighted the widespread recognition of the importance of this issue and the strong commitment to making a difference in protecting the youngest members of our communities.

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