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Join Beach Cleaning Efforts in Ensenada

David “El Chiquis” Quintero, a young influencer, is inviting the community to participate in the cleaning of Playa Pacífica, which will take place on Saturday, March 25th. The activity is coordinated by AO Latinoamerica and CUT Universidad Campus Ensenada and aims to maintain the place in optimal conditions for the community and the species that inhabit it, such as the birds that nest there.

The activity will begin at 9:00 am and will last until noon. Citizen participation, especially from local residents, is essential to achieve greater waste collection.

“These actions are part of an annual cleaning program that seeks to generate awareness and promote marine education, the reduction of plastic waste, responsible consumption, and the formation of sustainable communities,” said Norma López Saucedo, director of CUT Universidad, Campus Ensenada. There will be cleanings throughout the year.

This year, five cleanings will be carried out on beaches and streams in the city, thanks to the support of the Mares Foundation, which promotes ocean literacy through an education program on caring for the seas. Last year, thanks to the cleanings carried out, more than 1,475 kilograms of waste were prevented from reaching the sea, and close to 9% of the collected waste was recycled. The goal is to exceed the number of 445 people who participated in the cleanings last year and achieve greater environmental awareness in the community.

SOURCE: El Vigia

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