Que Pasa in Baja?

Coastal property rentals on high demand. In a recent statement, Marco Antonio Preciado, head of Baja’s Real Estate Professionals Association (CEPIBC), said that the demand for rental properties in the so-called “Golden Zone” which includes Tijuana, Rosarito, and Ensenada; exceeds the offerings available.

Ensenada heads the list of demand for rentals from national and American people looking to stay for the short and long term.

Preciado stated that the highest season is normally from May to September, and this is when the lack of rental offerings is made more evident.

This is good news for all of you who own rental properties in the area, and if you don’t, it could be a good time to invest in one around here.

Safer road south. The city of Ensenada has established a new commission with the sole purpose of attaining resources and ideas to improve the part of the Transpeninsular highway that goes from the Chapultepec hill (right on the entrance to Estero Beach Hotel) to Maneadero.

This part of the road has been nicknamed “the death stretch” because of the number of accidents that happen there.

Orlando Toscano, a city alderman that is heading the commission, stated that the city has been growing rapidly to the south increasing traffic as well as accidents. Just this year there have been 34 reported accidents in this area.

Marco Antonio Novelo, city mayor, said that the road needs to be safer for the local residents as well as for tourists visiting the old wine valley region and the Bufadora, considered as the most visited natural tourist attraction in Baja.

Did you even notice? The toll on the scenic road increased again this month by one peso on each of the booths, although the increase was not very significative people are starting to complain since it had just been increased by about 8% in November last year.

Fishing for tourists. The state government announced that Baja had a spot on this year’s International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST) in Orlando.

Matias Arjona, head of the state fishing office along with Julio Meza, president of the local sport fishing association, participated in the convention with the goal of promoting Baja as a sport fishing destination and to promote the “Pesca La Baja” yearly fishing tournament between anglers and sponsors.

Sport fishing tourism is an attractive sector for every city, as these tourists tend to stay for longer periods of time and spend more money locally than your average tourist.

Our Family is Growing. Seven members of the Vallejo, California city visited Ensenada this month ìn order to review the possibility of uniting both towns with the sister cities program.

Mayor Marco Antonio Novelo said that the goal of the sister cities program with Vallejo is to strengthen economic, cultural and social relationships between both cities. The mayor thanked Vallejo for its support of the communities of Camalu and La Mision.

Sister cities are a form of legal or social agreement between cities in geographically and politically distinct areas to promote cultural and commercial ties. In recent times, town twinning has increasingly been used to form strategic international business links between member cities

Crackdown on illegal sex tourism. Baja’s state police has been working closely with the state tourism office in order to teach tourism industry workers how to detect and denounce illegal sexual tourism activities.

Hector Orozco, head of the investigation unit, said that the goal is to eradicate the problem and punish the responsible providers and clients.

Talks are being scheduled with hotel workers in order to train them directly on how to recognize sexual predators.

Orozco informed that any suspicious activity can be reported to the local 911 number.

Ensenada loses soccer team. Just about one year after the city of Ensenada got its own soccer team, the Cuervos JAP team, the owners decided to take the team to Tepic after the mayor offered several incentives to move the team. The main reason behind the move was that the Mexican soccer league had recently modified its clauses and was required for the teams to play in a local stadium of at least 15,000 seats in order to be eligible to play with the premier teams. Team president, Juan Serna, stated that Ensenada has just about half the seats needed and that they found no support from the local government to make the expansion needed in the stadium, even after team owners invested about $600,000 USD on improving the stadium.

Serna said that they felt like sports were not a priority in Ensenada and it’s probably completely true, with the streets in the bad shape they are right now I don’t think a lot of people would appreciate it if the local government had made a huge investment in the stadium.

Mexico’s interior minister does Baja. Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, Mexico’s interior minister, and the Peña’s right hand, visited Baja in order to meet with the governor and other officials regarding the surge in crime rates that we have seen this year.

Minister Chong offered the full support of the federal government to control crime, and he promised to fight the narcos in and out of the state to restore peace of mind in the population.

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