Medical Conference Comes to Rosarito

And it’s free if you register now!

Are you in the market for a doctor or dentist in the northern Baja area?  Maybe a little nipping and tucking? Are you interested in purchasing a Mexican health care plan?  Good news! The Baja Health and Wellness Forum is coming to the Baja California Center in Rosarito July 27 & 28, featuring 75 exhibitors and numerous conferences and panels presented by medical professionals of Mexico and the United States. Subjects will include medical, dental, body imaging, pharmacies, travel accommodations, and more.

Online registration is FREE, but you must be registered before the exhibition. On-site registration is available, but there may be a nominal cost at the door. Scheduled are two full days of conferences and panels, offering all sorts of information, plus exhibition tables manned by representatives of all companies present.


Schedule highlights:

Thursday: On-site registration and ID pick-up begins at 8:00 am.

11:00: Inaugural ceremony

12:30: Conference: The Vision of the Federal Government in Health Tourism

1:40: Panel: Obesity and Nutrition: Worldwide Public Health Crisis

2:30: Conference: Health Tourism Business Opportunities

3:10: Panel: The Business of Health Tourism, International Relations and its Impact on Education.

4:00: Panel: The Ethics of the Medical Facilitator; Legal Aspects: Smart Contract with Foreign Companies

6:00: Reception


Friday: Registration and ID pick-up begins at 9:00 am.

11:00: Conference: International Certification on Health and Wellness Tourism

12:00: Panel: Baja California, and Global Platform for Health and Wellness Tourism

1:30: Conference: Specialized Medical Centers in Baja California

3:00: Panel: The Future of Wellness in Baja California and Mexico.

4:00: Panel: Strategies to Attract Dental Tourism to Baja California. Cases of Success in Mexicali and Los Algodones.

5:00: Master Conference: In Search of Cannabinoids for the Control of Epilepsy

6:00 Closing Session


Representatives from SECTURE and the DiscoverBajaCalifornia.com website will offer information on Baja tourism in general, as well as for medical procedures. Registrants will be encouraged to collect information from many local (Mexican and US) businesses in all areas of health, wellness and medical tourism.

This event is organized by the Baja California Department of Tourism, the Colegio Medico de Tijuana BC, and High Value Health Care of Baja California. For additional information and to register, please go to www.bajahwf.com; www.facebook.com/bajahwf; US: 1-888-664-1054; MX: +52-664-900-7320.


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