Que Pasa in Baja?

How’d you like to live in a bubble? You can now! The new Campera hotel located in the wine valley offers the experience of outdoor sleeping without any of the hassles. For this, they built 12 transparent spheres where the guests have a full bed, bathroom, heating and A/C. They do seem pretty comfy, and the main selling point is that you get to sleep in them with great views of the vineyards and a full view of the starry Guadalupe Valley sky right from your bed.

The bubbles can be rented online through Airbnb at about $200 USD per night, a little more on the weekends. More information at www.camperahotel.com

Rosarito gets new beach trash cans. A local surf school was able to get a donation of 60 trash cans that they are now painting in order to make them more attractive and motivate people to throw their trash in the cans.

Trash has been a big problem in our beaches, mainly because of the poor education shown by visitors who throw the trash in the sand instead of taking it to the nearest trash can.

The local surf school says that their goal is to have at least three cans in each beach, very artistically painted, so they grab your attention right away.

“The community can also pitch in to make changes in our society. We must not always depend on the government to improve, We should also look for the means to contribute by taking care of the environment, in this case taking care of our beaches by helping to clean them”, said Carlos Luna, local surf instructor.

The surf school is aiming to have the 60 trash cans painted and installed by July 20th which is the international surfing day.

If you want to help them out contact them through their page on facebook: Escuela De Surf Locales.


Baja 500 almost here. The state tourism office announced that they are expecting about 100,000 spectators for this year Baja 500 off-road race that starts on June 1st. About 200 teams have been registered from all over the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and Mexico.

The event starts on Thursday with the official Monster Energy Kick-Off party, Friday the racers register and Saturday at 5:30 AM the race starts. Official results for the race are going to be posted on Sunday, and an awards ceremony will be celebrated at noon.

A 90% occupation rate on hotels during the event weekend is expected so be cautious if you’re coming to Ensenada and don’t have a reservation yet.

Talking about the race. A group of 9 different ejido land representatives protested and threatened the city saying that if they don’t make good on their promises to cough uo the money to pay for fixing the dirt roads previous to the race they will close their roads and won’t let Baja 500 racers go through.

The ejidos are asking for about $20,000 USD in order to fix the dirt roads just after the race so they can have good roads the whole of the year.

Right now the roads are only fixed before the race, so this leaves with locals having good roads for just about a month of the year. You can imagine how those roads end after the race.

They have a contract with the city that says that the roads have to be maintained in the 15 days following the race which of course never happens.

911 just gets serious. Due to the high number of prank-calls that the 911 call center is receiving, just about 20,000 this year, authorities have decided to increase penalties for prank callers. If someone gets caught doing pranks, he/she will be charged with a federal crime.

The fine for being a joker is about $2,000 USD and a possible 2-4 months in jail.

Pemex helps out. The Ensenada government received a donation of 5,000 tons of asphalt in order to help the city with the widespread pothole problem that it has. Marco Novelo, City Mayor, said that the asphalt would be used to fix the streets with more traffic. The mayor also stated that they are expecting this to be the first of several asphalt donations from PEMEX.

Public transportation protests. Owners of public transportation buses protested this week in Ensenada city hall regarding the lack of support from authorities to increase their prices. Currently, they charge 10 pesos, but they say that is not nearly enough, specially now that officials made them buy new buses.

They say that the current price is not sustainable for them and that they won’t be able to make their buses payments if the city council doesn’t approve a raise to at least 13 pesos.

Discounted auto parts. In an effort to drive up their car sales, KIA Mexico has stated that they will offer discounts of 60% in car parts stolen from their vehicles. The program includes the front and rear bumper, logo, grille, lights and side mirrors.

You know that car theft is pretty bad when companies try to attract customers with this kind of discounts. Geeze! What does this say about our country?

Shell gas ready to open. This year the Dutch gas company Shell is planning to open it’s first gas stations in the country after the law was changed to allow foreign investment in the sector. They said that at the start they would buy the gas from PEMEX and treat it with their additives, but their two-year plan is to import their fuel if the infrastructure is already there. ,

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