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A Night of Northern Lights in the Baja Skies

Photo by: Medina Gorosave, Mexicali

Baja California witnessed a rare and dazzling phenomenon on Friday May 10th night when the sky lit up with vibrant northern lights. This unexpected display was primarily visible in the northern regions of the state, leaving residents and visitors alike in awe. 

The spectacle quickly became the talk of the town as social media buzzed with stunning images shared by those lucky enough to catch a glimpse. One such viewer, Raúl Barrera, a rescue diver, posted breathtaking photos from Cañón de Guadalupe in Mexicali on his Facebook page. Meanwhile, in Ensenada, Blanca Azucena Bravo Navarro excitedly recounted her experience of spotting the lights while on the road with her family. 

“Driving on the Ensenada – Tecate highway with my dad and brother, we stopped in front of Testerazo to take photos,” she shared. 

Photo by Lauren-Akenson, Mount Laguna

According to local authorities, the geomagnetic activity responsible for this light show poses no danger to the population, though it may cause some telecommunications interference. The unusual appearance of the auroras in Baja California is linked to a particularly strong solar storm.  

The NOAA had issued a warning of a severe geomagnetic storm after a solar burst hit Earth, creating these stunning auroras. Typically, such displays are reserved for the polar regions, making this event a rare treat for the folks in Baja California. 

As the weekend progressed, the auroras continued to dance in the sky, with experts suggesting that Sunday night might offer another chance to witness this celestial wonder. So, keep your cameras ready and eyes to the sky; Baja California’s night show might not be over just yet. 

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