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Tropical Storm Rosa On It’s Way To Baja

Tropical Storm “Rosa” is expected to become a hurricane and hit Baja on October 2 and 3. It’s expected to hit Bahia de los Angeles, El Rosario and San Quintin.

Antonio Rosquillas, head of the state civil protection office, stated that the community should be on the lookout for warnings from authorities and take the necessary precautions if you live in those areas.

“Authorities should already be cleaning deeply, river beds and storm drains”, he said.

Except from Baja, the storm is likely to stay far offshore, but it’s winds are already reaching outward up to 60 mph.

Jaime Nieto, head of the civil protection office in Ensenada, stated that although Rosa is not expected to make landfall in the city of Ensenada, more than 1,500 notifications have been sent to people living in risk areas because of the expected torrential rains from “El Niño” this season.

UPDATE: As of 9/26/2018 9:22 AM Rosa has been already classified as a Hurricane.

With information from El Vigia   |   Images from Aviso de Huracanes Xmendez

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