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Fish Report

Coronado Islands

The bite has been on the slow side again after cooler water pushed in from the southeast. Conditions across the islands dropped one or two degrees with the larger drops happening on the flats inside the islands and around South Island.

However, the water was still a little warmer through the Middle Grounds and around North Island, and there was a little better sign of yellowtail found there than in on the flats. The best bet for bluefin is still probably down around the South Kelp Ridge area, despite the drop in water temps.

At North Island, there are small bonito to 8 pounds, along with a few yellowtail, mostly the smaller variety, with a few 25-pounders mixed in. Best bet was trolling purple and all yellows on sardine pattern Rapalas early.

Tijuana Bullring

This area has had a few yellowtail showing again on the flats out to around the International Reef area right along the border in both U.S. and Mexican waters, but some patchy cooler water has moved in over the last few days.

Offshore outside the Coronado Islands and south
Yellowfin and skipjack are biting well. Look for birds and bait marks on the sounder. Expect scattered blind jig strikes trolling, but if you find the right one, you can load up pretty well. Sometimes you’ll get bit by skipjack first and then the yellowfin will push their way in, so it’s worth it to fish through any skipjack jig strikes. Most of the yellowfin are in the 8- to18-pound range; the skipjack are running 5 to 10 pounds. Any color feather is working as are cedar plugs and Halco lures. Not much happening in the way of kelp paddy yellowtail and dorado, but of course you should check any kelp you happen to find.


While the storms were not a factor, the trips made this week slowed. However, those that made it out reported good catches of small yellowtail, legal-sized barracuda and bonito.

San Quintin

Weather continues to be a factor from day to day, which clearly has dampened the interest of many. The few anglers have been pleasantly surprised. Bluefin tuna to 25-pounds are still lurking offshore.

Another exciting bit of news is the early arrival of white sea bass inshore when offshore weather kicks up, along with the bottom fishing that is always a ‘go to’ option for visiting anglers.

The Finale of the La Pesca Baja series is scheduled to be held September 22nd and 23rd. Winning teams from the preceding four events held throughout the summer will compete for the Grand Championship.

However, all anglers are welcome to enter and compete in this event as well. The one-day event is a terrific opportunity to mingle with local anglers as well as regional anglers from around the state. For more information visit http://www.pescalabaja.com/

Cedros Island

The sportfishing season on the Island is beginning to heat up as more and more anglers arrive. Mossback yellowtail and some grumpy calicos are both biting.

According to recent reports, the fishing bordered on awesome, with variety and quality of fish for a group of anglers (Señor Tuna) who decided to not to target a specific species, and were able to get nine different species just by asking the skipper to take them to the spot.

Many pangas limited on yellowtail or yellowfin tuna using a variety of jigs, lures or live bait. The surprising highlight was probably a 60-pound white seabass while trying for calicos to the north of the island.

It was fun, busy action for everyone in this group of old friends who have been visiting since 2009.

Kelp to the north has been very slow to return, but its thick at the southwestern point of the island. So far, calico have been better and bigger there.

Bahia de Los Angeles

Little news from the area as Mex 1 remained closed most of the week at Catavina. Still a decent bite for the few anglers there with some limits of dorado and enough bottom fish to fill the cooler. ,

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