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Ensenada Calendar Of Events – June 11, 2018 Edition


How, When and Where…



          9 am – 8 pm – CEARTE presents FREE exhibitions: “Reflections of Silence” by Vicente Zatarra; and “Agape” by Netz Estrada. PLUS:

8 am – 8 pm – Guided tours and screenings for school groups on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! FREE, of course!



8 am AA Open Meeting “Friends of Bill” second speed bump on La Carretera      Bufadora (just past La Jolla Beach Camp), left side of the road, white building

10 am AA Open Meeting “Grupo Gringo” in Rosarito, #16 Mar Mediterraneo; call Billy for directions: 661.614.1678 or US # 310.209.8483

11:30 am Meditation meeting @ “Friends of Bill”

12 noon Alanon meeting @               “         “     “



8 am – AA Big Book Study @ “Friends of Bill” (location-see above)

10 am – AA Open Meeting “Grupo Gringo” in Cantamar, call Billy for directions, 661.614.1678 or US # 310.209.8483

6 pm – AA Open Meeting “Grupo Gringo” in Rosarito

11 am AA Open Discussion/12X12 Study @ “Way to Go” Group (location-Gen. L. Rodriquez St @ San Miguel St – Behind the Carl’s Jr on Av Reforma)

4 pm Women in Recovery Meeting @ “Friends of Bill”

Early Risers Meditation: FREE. Dogs welcome. Location: Entre Amigos cottage, Esteban Cantu, Punta Banda.

10 am – 8 pm “Taco Tuesday” @ La Bufadora Tequila Grill* – Live music, no cover charge. Taco dinners w/ rice & beans $75 pesos. Drink specials, too. Located at KM


1st & 3rd TUESDAY:

3 pm Line Dancing for men and women! 3:00 pm @ the Salon in La Jolla.

10 am – 8 pm “Taco Tuesday” @ La Bufadora Tequila Grill* – Live music. Taco dinners for $75 pesos – drink specials. No cover charge.



8 am AA Open Discussion Meeting @ “Friends of Bill”

10 am – AA Women’s Closed Meeting “Grupo Gringo” in Rosarito

11 am –  AA Open Discussion/”Daily Reflections” Study @ CEARTE* (location-1430 Blvd Lazaro Cardenas [“La Costero] @ Calle Rotario, adjacent to the famous Riveria)

6 pm – AA Open Meeting “Grupo Gringo” in Rosarito

6 pm – AA Open Discussion Meeting @ “Friends of Bill”

CEARTE presents “Cinema Mexico” check their brochure (available at the reception desk in the lobby) for titles and times



8 am – AA 12-Step Study Meeting @ “Friends of Bill”

10 am – AA Open Meeting “Grupo Gringo” in Rosarito

11 am AA Big Book Study @ “Way to Go” Group

5 pm IMPI Av Floresta y Calle Tercero (3rd St) Open forum for bicycle enthusiasts to meet w/ local gov’t to address issues/concerns for 2-wheelers. These meetings resulted in the establishment of the bicycle lanes on local thoroughfares. Plaza/2nd floor

CEARTE presents “Cinema Mexico” check their brochure (available at the reception desk in the lobby) for titles and times.

5 pm – 9 pm La Buf Adora Tequila Grill Restaurant @ Km 22.5 on Carretera La Bufadora Halibut special meal, cooked to your specification, w/ veggies & mashed potatoes!

6 pm – AA Men’s Closed Meeting “Grupo Gringo” in Rosarito



8 am – AA Open Discussion Meeting @ “Friends of Bill”

10 am – AA Open Meeting “Grupo Gringo” in Cantamar

11 am – AA 12X12 Open Discussion Meeting @ CEARTE

6 pm – AA Open Discussion Meeting @ CEARTE

6 pm – AA Open Meeting “Grupo Gringo” in Rosarito

10 am – 3 pm Open Market in Cantu, local vendors, incl.Los Adoptables Animal Rescue Center. All kinds of good, healthy stuff will be on sale, incl. food, natural oils, indigenous honey, household goods, clothes, flowers and more….w/ all proceeds going to benefit underprivileged children in the local area. Come early for best selection!

10 am – 9 pm India Bonita Restaurant – Carretera La Bufadora km 5.5 “Spectacular” pork spare ribs

            5 pm – 9 pm – La Buf Adora Tequila Grill Restaurant @ Km 22.5 on Carretera La Bufadora – Halibut special dinner, cooked to your specifications, w/ veggies & mashed potatoes!



8 am – AA Open Discussion Meeting @ “Friends of Bill”

12 noon – AA Open Discussion Meeting @ “Way to Go” Group

3 pm – AA Open Meeting “Grupo Gringo” in Rosarito

4 pm @ “Friends of Bill” Speaker Meeting followed by pot luck & fellowship

5 pm – 9 pm – La Bufadora Tequila Grill Restaurant @ Km 22.5 on Carretera La Bufadora – Halibut special dinner, cooked to your specifications, w/ veggies & mashed potatoes!




2 pm – 4 pm American Veterans Coalition (AVCOSD) meets to discuss issues pertaining to veterans: Benefits, job opportunities, help for deported vets, etc. Call office for details (including meeting location) 646.244.8431. Visit their website www.avcosd.org.

4 pm AA Speaker  Meeting @ “Friends of Bill” Followed by Potluck Dinner!



10 am – AA Open Discussion Meeting @ “Friends of Bill”

10 am – AA Open Meeting “Grupo Gringo” Rosarito

9 am – 2 pm Sunday Brunch buffet @ India Bonita Restaurante* $160 pesos for all you can eat, incl main course, juice, coffee, dessert, etc. Located at KM 5.5 Carretera La Bufadora. For info call 646.126.1449.

9 – 11:30 am Brunch @ Club Campaneros $5 – $6, all proceeds go to local charities! Location: Calle Mazatlan #256, Fracc Acapulco, Ensenada. Info: 646.177.5116

Sharkey’s Sports Bar & Grill* offers 20% discount on all menu items after 2:00 pm! For info: 52.646.194.00594 Located on KM10, Carretera La Bufadora in Ejido Esteban Cantu.

11 am: Rev Mark Neafie teaches a Bible study class @ CARE clinic (formerly UPS). Info: 646.141.7734.




            12 pm – 2 pm PTSD focus group hosted by AVCOSD – veterans w/ symptoms of PTSD meet to discuss solutions to common problems. Visit their website www.avcosd.org.  646.244.8431 for info, incl location. Next meeting: February 11th.

December 26 through March 31, view the magnificent California gray whales as they migrate from the cold northern waters to the warm breeding grounds of Central Baja




10 am – 1 pm – Punta Banda Fire Station – fresh sourdough bread & baguettes!




            7 pm – Book Presentation – CEARTE – by Joaquin Martinez Torre, presented by Lourdes Garcia Santos, in the Ernesto Munoz Acosta – FREE




            5 pm – Sample Dance Class @ CEARTE: Rumba and workshop for Dance of Puerto a Puerto, imparted by Lidia Ramirez, Directed by Danzoneros de Puerto a Puerto, outdorrs on the terrace. FREE!




            4 pm – The Cycle Related to Hackers & Something More @ CEARTE, a presentation of the Bird Book of Baja California, Presented by Dr Gorgonio Ruiz Campos, Faculty Professor of Sience @ UABC – in the Main Lobby, FREE!

6 pm – A book presentation @ CEARTE in the Ernesto Munoz Acosta Gallery: A book persentation, “The Martian and The Lobster,” written by Omar Millan, Presented by Hedgehog Product Systems, with Laura Zamora (Santo Tomas Winery), Vicente Guerrero (Ostion Product Systems), and Daniel Leon, FREE!




4 pm – CEARTE – “Afternoon of Dance” – State Collective of Dance and Social Ballet, with the Charanga Portento Orchestra, in coordination with UNAM-CACU & Dancers of Puerto a Puerto, in the Plaza of the Arts, FREE!




7 pm – Cinema Club CEARTE presents “2001 – A Space Odyssey” from Stanley Kubrick, 1968, 137 minutes long, with Spanish subtitles, classification B. Experimental Format. FREE!




            7 pm – CEARTE – Piano Recital with Maestro Koralkov, in the Ernesto Munoz Acosta Gallery. Admission: 200 pesos ($10 USD), with a 50% discount for students, teachers and seniors (limit 50 tickets), in the Ernesto Munoz Acosta Gallery.




            8 pm – Dance Presentation by Time Share II and Dance Contemporaries, with dance companies from Switzerland, Japan & Mexico!! Featuring T42 Dance Projects (Swiss/Japanese) and Cuarto Fractal  (from Tijuana, BC). Experimental Forum. Admission: $100 pesos ($5 USD), 50% discount for students, teachers and seniors.




            5 pm – Conference of the cycle “Leading thru Communication,” presented by Teresa Babun Villarreal, Toastmasters International. FREE!




5 pm – CEARTE Cinema Club: “Full Metal Jacket,” from Stanley Kubrick, 1987, 120 minutes, with Spanish subtitles. FREE!




            6 pm – CEARTE presents a Conference of the Cycle, “Related to Hackers & Something More,” an experimental theory, “Taking a Ride in the Electric Phenomenon.” Presented by Paula Fernanda Salazar Murillo and Juan Pablo Rocha Martinez of the Society of the University of Physics of Ensenada (SUFE). FREE!




10 am – 4 pm – The 4th Annual Ruta del Vino, Guadalupe Valley Bike Ride, starting at Carretera El Tigre KM4, San Antonio de las Minas, 22320. For information, call 01.664.666.1421.


OCTOBER 12th, 13th & 14th:


10 am Friday – 8 pm Sunday – The Fourth Annual “Serenity by the Sea” AA gathering and celebration. Keith Drum from Pomona will be the featured speaker. Sponsored by the local group, “New Pair of Glasses.” Rosarito Beach Hotel. Further details to be posted….







Contact Jan to reserve your display space in the Annual Art Festival sponsored by the Tequila Restaurant Bar and Grill. The festival is scheduled for Saturday, July 7th, and local artists are invited to secure a space now to ensure that their work will be prominently displayed. jan.burg@gmail.com.




            Contact Robin Gunther’s Baja California Spay & Neuter Foundation (look for her posts on Facebook) She works with Ellos SON La Razon to help the vulnerable animals in Baja find loving homes. Adopt a pet, or bring yours in to help reduce the overpopulation of unwanted animals!




MuseoCaracol (Caracol Museum)*: This fairly new addition to Ensenada’s tradition of cultural and scientific excellence is located at the entrance of the Ensenada Marina (location: Club Rotario #3, Centro CP 22800, Ensenada B.C.) Phone 646.177.0897 or 646.152.1993. This exquisite architectural monolith hosts a plethora of educational and informative exhibits, displays and entertaining events. Among its features:

1 planetarium

2 temporary exhibition rooms

1 media library

4 rooms of educational workshops

1 auditorium

1 outdoor forum

1 multipurpose room


Also, cafes, public restrooms and public telephones are available. The Gringo Gazette is posted in the ground level Crew Center Office.


RIVIERA MUSEUM*: Adjacent to CEARTE and across the street from CARACOL, this world-famous location features a sprawling museum of the cultural, political and environmental history of Baja. It also features an open plaza area for conventions, special events and entertainment, with an open air theatre as its centerpiece. Call 646.177.0594 for info. The location is Blvd Costero KM 2,5 @ Club Rotario. Closed Mondays. The Gringo Gazette is available from the Curator’s office.


CEARTE*: An exhibition and entertainment center, featuring monthly art exhibits, musical performances of every genre, a lovely outdoor patio with tables and chairs beneath umbrellas, a spacious public meeting area indoors, a bookstore, video displays and its own Kaori Coffee Shop. The outdoor plaza is a clean, safe place for kids and adults to roller skate, skateboard and learn to ride bicycles! An adjacent auditorium is the scene of many special musical events. A recycling center is located in the lower parking area. Find the Gringo Gazette in the display rack next to the desk in the reception area. The location is Blvd Lazaro Cardenas (aka “Costero”), Playas de Ensenada, 22800. For information, please call 646.173.4307.


ENSENADA MARINA SPORT FISHING CHARTERS: Boats are available for charter for sport fishing adventures. Information is available at the 3 ProTurismo locations on Blvd Costero and at the Crew Center in the Caraco Museum.


SCUBA DIVING & KAYAK RENTALS: For the adventuresome, these healthy activities are hosted by a number of area professionals. Here a two of the most popular:

Dale’s Dive Shop: Call from the US: 619.730.2903 or from Baja: 646.109.6318 for info & appts.

Baja Pro: Contact them via email @ bajaproscubadivers.com.


HORSE-DRAWN CARRIAGES: These local enterprises have been receiving some heat lately from animal activists, but so far, they’re still legal here, and very popular with the tourist crowd. They park their buggies all along Blvd Costero, and they’re generally willing to take you well off the beaten path to see the sights of the City without the hassle of driving. They represent a quaint, traditional experience that is “so” Ensenada, like the cable cars are in San Francisco…


SURFING LESSONS: Contact “Surf Ensenada” @


PROTURISMO CENTERS*: There are 3 of them on Blvd Costero, the first one being at the entrance to the city, just past the first stoplight, on the south (or “beach”) side of the street. Another one is located next door to CEARTE. The main office is located on the Boulevard just south of the cruise ship terminal. All 3 locations feature maps, souvenirs, brochures highlighting the many events and activities in the greater Ensenada area, plus hotel/motel accommodations, restaurant and bar locations, specialty shops service centers, emergency info, etc.


WINE COUNTRY TOURS: The Guadalupe Valley is world-renowned for its beautiful scenery and friendly wineries. El Cetto is the biggest winery in the region, but most of the others are smaller than the wineries in the Bay Area’s Napa and Sonoma valleys. Information (including maps of the “Ruta de Vino”) is available at the ProTurismo centers, as well as in the lobbies of the finer hotels on the Avenue and on the Boulevard.


If your business or enterprise is community-oriented and you would like us to consider publishing your special events, please send us an email: dbensendada1@gmail.com. We are especially interested in promoting NPO’s, orphanages, animal rescue centers, homeless shelters and any enterprise that is geared toward getting people together in a life-affirming, healthy atmosphere.


We are published every two weeks. For example, this issue was released Monday, February 5th; the deadline for entries was the previous Thursday @ 5:00 pm, February 1st. This cycle repeats in exactly two-week increments, so the next deadline is Thursday, February 15th @ 5:00 pm, and the paper will hit the streets on Monday, February 19th.


The deadline allows for editing, printing and distribution to carriers.


Thank you.


Asterisk (*) = Gringo Gazette is available here!


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