Pastor and Wife Propose Bill of Rights for Domestic Workers

BY RICK GORDON Pastor Rick Gordon and his wife, Paloma Palacios, of Los Cabos, created this Bill of Rights pledge … 0 123

Ask a Mexican

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day?  Día de la Madre is coming up soon, and not many people know where … 0 130
Articles, Baja Norte, Local Politics

How Are Baja’s Elections Going?

If the elections for governor of Baja where today, who would you vote for?0 154
Articles, National

Visiting Guanajuato

BY RICARDO GARCIA CHAVEZ First point, closest to the Airport. In planning holidays, we chose a point where we could … 0 174
Baja Norte, Columns

Que Pasa in Baja?

Solar power park coming soon. Our state government announced this week that a new solar power park will begin construction … 0 360
Articles, Baja Norte, Ensenada

Destination La Misión

BY MARTINA DOBESH 10,000 years ago, the first people walked along this coastal area, now known as Baja California. Before … 0 586

Four Ways Trees Add Value to Your Property

BY THE DAVEY TREE COMPANY According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), in 2020, 52 percent of buyers 30 … 0 186
Baja Norte, Editions

May 10, 2021 Edition

   0 268
Baja Norte, Editions

April 26, 2021 Edition

   0 277

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