Art Workshops Coming to CEART

Artistic classes have returned to CEART Rosarito. Beginning and intermediate classes and workshops include ballet, tap,  and flamenco,  painting, sculpting, mosaic, photography, writing, theatre, piano, guitar, accordion, and more.

There were 300 students signed up for the spring session, but the program can handle up to 800. Workshops/classes run between 300 and 1200 pesos for the semester, depending on the program. The orchestra needs the most aid. For the lack of members the entire class is in danger of being cancelled. There are no auditions; the sentiment being, “Everybody can play.”  The tuition fee is split between 70% for the instructor and 30% forwarded to Mexico City, for dispersal anywhere it’s needed in the Arts system.

A scholarship program exists through FORC, Friends of Rosarito’s Children, to offer scholarships to children who cannot afford to attend workshops. At this time several lovers of the arts, spearheaded by art patron Marilyn Helgeson, are sponsoring children in classes by donating money directly to CEART to sponsor an individual child in need. A 501(c)(3), (US tax-deductible status) has been granted. Funds may be donated online through PayPal at FriendsOfRosaritosChildren@gmail.com, (and be deemed tax deductible on US tax returns), or given in person at CEART Rosarito. Checks drawn on US banks are accepted if made out to Long Beach / Rosarito Friendship Cities Association, with ‘’FORC’’ mentioned in the memo line.

And the need doesn’t end with the tuition. Dancers pay for their own costume materials, and many children need help with transportation to and from CEART. Without an ample student population, programs suffer, and care cancelled. Everybody has a talent, and it would be unfortunate if classes are closed for lack of students.

How can we in the community help CEART and our city’s children? We can provide art supplies, musical instruments gathering dust, music stands, or even reliable transportation for a student or two once a week. Really want to know what is needed? Drop into a class and ask the instructor. They are only too happy to share.

FORC is a new organization in Rosarito, the brainchild of Marilyn Helgeson and local arts’ patrons.  “The experience of children involved in art, additionally brings the merger of their families to the world of art and culture,” Ricardo Orozco of CEART explained. “The Youth Orchestra movement has notably changed the faces of many communities.”

One of the classes, “Recording in Foil for Children,” teaches how to create artwork by tracing patterns, then pressing them into foil and painting the foil artwork. Children and adults participated in the spring and summer to create artwork for sale to the community at art-based events. Money was used for additional supplies. Children are taught how to perform these tasks, which may be then done at home, and the pieces sold to raise money for their families. Now, wouldn’t you rather purchase an original work of art than a box of Chiclets?

Classes will begin the week of September 4. For information on any of the academic programs at CEART, please contact Academic Coordinator,  at cell phone 044-661-850-7412; email: ceartrosaraito@gmail.com.  And check out CEART’s Facebook page, “CEART Playas de Rosarito” for complete course schedule.

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